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You’re warmly welcome to my blog.

Half of the people I know call me Sitso and the other half, Abigail.

So, I guess you have a choice to make here and I advise you to choose wisely because it determines which half of my life you belong.😀

This blog is a product of my overactive imagination and a rather too long summer vacation but I promise to make your time here with me, no matter how limited, totally worth your while.

So, do stay.

You will find some interesting short stories in the recueil de nouvelle category, some encouragement in the a little muse category, very important issues regarding maternal-child health in the fit2push category and every other thing in the glass-half-full heart category.

I used to think there are only two kinds of people; the glass-half-empty and the glass-half-full people but apparently, there is a third, what-on-earth-is-in-the-glass people.

The realist, the optimist and the chemist.

I choose to see and face life differently than all three kinds of people.

My glass is always half full and I’m always thankful for it.

So, welcome to my blog once again, feel free to look around, happy reading  and don’t forget your feedback is important to me.

Love, Sitso.